Installing Internal Networks

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Installing Internal Networks

We perform all work in installing internal networks for establishments and corporations, whether wired or wireless; as we prepare internal servers to serving staff communication within the company and its foreign branches. 

DevelopWay Establishment provides Network establishment and installing service of both types wired (LAN) and wireless (WLAN) at the hands of academic specialists with extensive experience in networking and control.

Moreover,  DevelopWay Establishment provides all hardware pieces needed to construct networks in companies and business establishments within the best specifications. 

DevelopWay Establishment works on finding all the solutions that contribute to the straightforward work management among employees conveniently. Networks and their installations contribute to enlarge the ease and speed up of business processes, whereas they facilitate the exchange of files and folders between the special devises among the staff and contribute to reducing the number of machines used in the work procedures, such as using one printer connected to the network for the use of all employees. In addition, sharing programs used in the company, which contributes to easily exchange procedures between staff and coordination among themselves, as well as contributing to business organization, as the networks allow local officials to impose hardware and software regulations standards, users’ procedures and placing specific restrictions on staff use for some of the programs and devises.

Moreover, we have contracts available for monthly and annual maintenance with competitive prices and in the hands of professional specialists in networks and maintenance.


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