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Content Management Systems

We build content management systems (CMS) according to the latest techniques used in the field of building systems with high quality and ease of use, which allows small and large corporations, newspapers and magazines to manage, publish and exchange information on the World Wide Web or via the internal network with ease, while managing their content without any prior experience and acquiring all the appropriate solutions to the complex operations that stand in front of content management and documentation. 

DevelopWay Establishment provides integrated services in the field of content management systems (CMS) according to the latest available techniques as DevelopWay seeks to keep pace with the latest developments and techniques for building content management systems to provide its clients.

DevelopWay accounts on a team of competent professionals, who have the academic qualifications, experience and proficiency that made them fully in touch with all developments on the Arab and global Internet arena to achieve success and excellence to its customers.

Our ability to progress is not beyond belief, but that we seek out something unique and unusual as possible while keeping the client’s demand as our instead basis for imagination, creativity and execution as best we can... whereas our commitment to achieve all his objectives in his desired work. 

Important clarification before writing the request : We prefer when sending us an order to outline the request in the form of specific points so we can understand and readily track the ideas and objectives to be achieved in order to build the system, and refrain from narrating the ideas in general... Such as the following example:

  • Constructing department number one, which contains the following specifications... etc.
  • Constructing department number two, which contains the following specifications... etc.
  • And so forth... 


A living example of an order: Constructing content management systems (CMS) from which I can achieve the following:

  • Enabling my staff to add data for each employee and index the by time and date.
  • Enabling my staff to produce electronically printable bills on letterhead automatically and with ease, while including an indexed number for easy reference at any time for archiving.
  • Enabling my staff to research and access information, records or billing easily and quickly.
  • Enabling my staff to exchange information and conduct regulatory operations in accordance with specific terms of reference and classified for each employee.
  • The presence of warning properties and functions that enables employees to track the clients with ease and automatic reminder style through issuing automatic warning or reminder letters. 

With us you will achieve your objectives while keeping you away from complexity and time wasting in implementation: Why would you go to construct a content management system through DevelopWay Establishment?

DevelopWay Establishment is keen to produce content management systems in design and distributive forms competitive to global systems (let us be optimistic a bit and say globally competitive even if our works are modest), yet with a simple and easy Control Panels without the complexities found within some of the foreign paid or free programs. Perhaps this is what sets us apart in constructing content management systems, as there is no trouble at all in managing the content in all its forms and interconnection complexities and no need for any training on the Control Panel Options.

We know very well the complexities, the large number of options and the ramifications of some other systems in general, which makes the administrative of the content management system feel confused when entering the Control Panel and even disoriented with the options. Furthermore, the administrative sometimes presses on more than three links to get to the wanted option, which is naturally hidden within a number of pages and takes time to know its place, and even sometimes requires searching sites and forums for knowledge and training. That is what we avoid while constructing the systems for our clients.

Therefore, we produce any content management system, competitive and with high quality, encompassing simple control panels with easy usage and without requiring any minimum prior knowledge. All options are very clear with direct access to the required destination without going through the puzzles or complexities found in many content management systems, which make the content administrative lose their desire to manage the system or enter in training and testing stages to find out everything inside the control panel. Our orientation to construct a content management system is not for the materializing the design and distributing the system from the outside, as this does not dispute the system appearance as a rival of global systems. Therefore, mere design is not enough!!

However, the direction here is toward obtaining a simple and easy control panel in Arabic or English that does not require the site administrative to enter into perplexity, since Arabization of foreign software is not enough to acquire Arabic or English supporting software. In this context, the support here is just changing the language. Though, what about the method of distribution and options of the control panel!! For this reason the most important is a control panel that suits our impressions and our desire for ease without complicating things existing with others. We believe this is what all our clients enjoy with their sites and software, whether in Arabic or English language, while being suitable for our love of simplicity, straightforwardness and of direct access without the confusion. At the same time, they may did not differ from other proven successful international software, without forgetting the very simple control panel that once entering one can feel the quite clear difference and the value of software engineering that we have academic specialization in producing those most suited to Arabic sites administrative and supports Arabic software. 


Sara Abdo
DevelopWay Team
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