Web Hosting and Servers

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Web Hosting and Servers

We offer domain register (www.example.com) in accordance with specific criteria and based on our conviction that the selection of the website name is one of the most important steps in creating a site on the Internet characterized easy memorization and at the same time bears the name of the company or establishment and reflects the specialization and activity. Thus, DevelpWay Establishment contributes in participating with its clients in choosing the most appropriate domain name.

We also provide hosting and servers management in both forms, private and virtual (VPS) for establishments and corporations through the hands of specialized engineers with high efficiency and within the competitive prices that establishments and corporations may take advantage of them through communicating with us and our official representative to present the available and appropriate plans for the clients business after studying the activity and purpose.

Our servers are located in America, Britain, and Canada within the high specifications that contribute to the outstanding performance of servers and hosting, and ensure the continuance work on the network by 99% without interruption with the availability of backup copies on daily, weekly and monthly external and internal, in order to ensure maintaining the contents of the clients site without being lost in the case of any defect, God forbid, as well as providing 24 hours technical support through SMS, email and phone.

CAUTION: A hosting and management server is only available to companies, businesses and is not available to individuals at the current time.


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