Design, Development and Maintenance of Websites

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Design, Development and Maintenance of Websites

We offer our integrated services in the design and development of websites in accordance with the latest available techniques, as DevelopWay seeks to keep up with the latest developments and techniques for constructing websites, which makes our clients in the advanced position through websites that represent them in the best representation on the Internet and contribute to service their clients.

In the development and design of websites, DevelopWay dependents on the latest technologies through its academic staff, who works on the design of websites through the utilization of advanced language such as XHTML, CSS ,jQuery and Bootstrap as well as building and programming of websites in PHP and MYSQL and through extensive experience extended since 2004.

The most important features that distinguish us is that we can re-develop the websites through building software from scratch and in accordance with the latest technologies, along with our capability to maintain for the client all data and content entered in his website over the years, therefore not losing any data entered previously. We have staff members specialized in databases capable of converting any database to any new software. We program the software without losing any data; in fact we re-build its algorithm and distribution, which contributes to view the data in the site swiftly.

In addition, DevelopWay provides services to the corporations and businesses websites regular maintenance on the Internet through monthly and annual contract within specific service packages that the client may request to view them.

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DevelopWay Team
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